"One little cloud can turn into a million smiles".

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Solo Sun Session (booklet above).  Two session videos on Youtube by Paul Novick.

Multi media belt by Paul Novick, 2018: stone, copper, brass, turquoise, rope  

Shoewellery© Original art for your shoes. Coming Soon. Contact for details.

We might understand the nature of Vacuum Physics if we look between the directions of the void’s at some point.The formulae created are more likely a derivative from the nature of gravity and how we digest a Vacuum. Physics would likely be a Connected reaction to the understanding of the poetry from ancient times and work of the philosophers of the Greek mind set. In some understanding we realize that the Egyptian hieroglyphics have shown us the physical format of those Dimensions within the craft of their time or rather crafts of their time.Both merchant and otherwise.
When we preserve the political function of a Republic we realize the voting process is much more successful than the dictatorial relationship that exists. Some people might be confused by the dictatorial positivity which is not
the mindset which we want to exist. The breakdown of the internal social fabric is such that the resources do not propagate us much as we live inside that vacuum and hope for a bright future.

Earth Turtle 2018

Oil on Canvas

46 cm x 61 cm

​By Paul Novick

This painting is available for purchase.  Please contact for details.

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The solo Sun session

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